Item Purchase

If it's difficult to make a purchase on your own, you can have us do it for you.

The fee is 4.8%

The fee is 4.8% of the price of the items plus domestic postage. (If the total amount is less than ¥10,000, we'll charge a flat rate of ¥500.)

You'll make 2 payments

Once we have received your items at our warehouse, you will need to pay the international shipping charges.

Refunds for unpurchased items

If we can't purchase items for you due to lack of stock or other reasons, we'll refund all of the portion of your payment for those items.

Items we are unable to order

We cannot buy from stores that don't deal with credit card payments and auction websites. Please also check prohibited items.

Our process for receiving items

Please use this page to request an item purchase. Once we've reviewed the content of your order, we'll send you an email containing the URL to a page where you can make your payment.
From the payment page, please pay both the amount for your items and the handling fee. We'll purchase your items within 3 days of the completion of your payment and notify you when we've placed your order.
Once your items have arrived at our warehouse, please make a payment to us for the international shipping charge. Please be sure to check the amount of the shipping charge using the estimate tool on this page.
Once you've completed payment for the international shipping charge, we'll send your items within 48 hours. We'll notify you by email when we've dispatched your order.
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