• Can you order a product for me?

    We do not provide the service of placing orders for you on Japanese online shops and auction websites. You will have to place your own orders prior to using our services.

  • Can I use this service to receive publications, such as magazines, issued by fan clubs?

    Yes. For example, you can join the fan club of your favorite Japanese band, then use our service to receive the material it sends out to members. As fan clubs usually mail such material on a periodic basis, at the time of joining the fan club, you simply register the Anislo address issued by us as your address. That way, you will be able to receive all mail sent by the fan club addressed towards you.

    However, please note that most fan club mail is sent as ordinary postal mail, in which case there is no record of delivery. In the event that such mail never reaches our warehouse, there is no way for us to confirm its status. Although such cases are extremely rare, please be aware that we are unable to compensate for damages incurred by accidents that occur during this stage of the delivery process.

  • When buying products at Japanese online shops, an error is displayed on the field for entering my name, and I cannot purchase the products.

    When you purchase products from Japanese shops online, there are usually two types of fields for name entry. The first is a field for kanji(漢字) input, and the second is a field for katakana(カタカナ) or sometimes hiragana(ひらがな) input. If an error is displayed when entering names into the fields, please input the names in the format described below.

    • Name (Kanji&Hiragana): あにすろ(Last Name) じぇいぴー(First Name)
    • Name (Katakana): アニスロ(Last Name) ジェイピー(First Name)

    For the packages that reach us, we can usually tell who the recipient is and what their address is with the information provided in the Anislo ID, but with the names entered in the format above, we can tell which package is which customer's just from the Anislo ID alone.