How to Buy from Japan

Sign up and register your delivery address

Once registered, we issue you with your shipping address in Japan.

A Facebook account is necessary to use our services. However, we hold absolutely no authority to acquire information that is not made fully public from customers who sign in using Facebook accounts.

Shop from Japanese online shops

You can now shop from Japanese online shops that don’t support international shipping using your credit card. Simply enter your Anislo address as your shipping address.

Your ordered package will arrive at our warehouse. We will weigh and inspect the contents of your package. Upon completion of inspection, We will notify you via e-mail of your package information.

Package confirmation and payment

Please confirm your package information and submit your payment. You only pay the shipping fee. There are no other charges. However, if you wish to have multiple packages shipped together in a single package, there is a separate consolidation service fee.

Upon receiving your payment, We will ship your package. Packages are generally shipped within 48 hours of payment.

You receive the packages