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10th Oct 2017

For the 5 days from October 26th to October 30th, we will be suspending all business to put our warehouse in order.

The following actions will be suspended during this time.
  • Package deliveries
  • Receiving packages
  • Replies to requests for goods purchases and inquiries

* Packages that have arrived during this time will be received from delivery contractors from the 31st onward (they will not be returned to the online store).
* Packages with a storage period expiring during this time will have their storage period extended by 10 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope that you will be understanding.
8th Oct 2017

We've launched a new service in which we purchase items at online stores in your stead.

If you've struggled to buy items online on your own, we can help you purchase them.

Our handling fee is 4.8% the total cost of the items plus the domestic shipping fee (from the store to Anislo). Of course, if the store you wish to order from offers free shipping, you won't have to pay for domestic postage!

For more details or to make a purchase request, please see the following page.

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