Shopping Guide

If you are looking for an electric or electronic product, first check the lowest prices at is Japan's largest price comparison site. Many retailers are engaging in price competition.

If the product you want is not electric or electronic, we recommend that you start with a keyword search using Rakuten. Many retailers are on the Rakuten site. It is Japan's largest shopping mall. If you are looking for a basic product that is carried by a number of different stores, you are likely to find the lowest price.

Is Japanese difficult?
Use Google Translate to solve the problem. It's not the most perfect translation, but it can translate the gist of a website and can give you the meanings of individual words.

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Wikipedia is useful when you want to find Japanese keywords.
For example, you would search for Japanese name corresponding to Arashi, the Japanese pop music group, as follows:

  • Go to Wikipedia
  • Enter "Arashi" in the search box.
  • Select "Japanese" in the Languages menu at the left.

Proceeding this way, you should be able to find that the Japanese for the name Arashi is 嵐. Is there something you don't understand? Please contact us.